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i'm just a very simple person, name ma ayah beri, nur shuhada bt khairul anuar ! yg bermaksud cahaya para org yg mati syahid, :) alhamdulillah, so, i'm trying till now to be the best for my family,agama n negara ! haha ! bersemangat gilaa... :), btw, saya dengan bnganya mengatakan TAK NAK ! pada mereka yg 1) talk nonsense, 2) gilaaa,,3) pencurikkk,4)kaki menipu,5)kaki pempuan,6)hipokrit dan kesemua yg sama waktu dgnnya ! , so, ilove to being in myself ! last but not least, adiossaa !! :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

just breath

~rase da lme gler x mepek dlm myblog, ~ HUHU :)
 ya..yaaa... even tgh cuti sem, but lately ni myfeels more on , sense and the strong feeling,,, i just dont get what is happening and r how this feelings come out and how i'm gonna face it . 

But, whenever what is the real story of it, i've to face it strongly, :)
At first, ya,.. I admit it, i'm to pressure of all this, i cried all over the night, ~ but i hve to think it positively and maturely ,and  lucky I'm more patient. Calmer .Toned down and i like that :)

  I just wanted to say, that if you're going through the same thing,  just keep doing what you do with the best intentions. Let God guide you through. i've to move ! macam mana nk bergerak ? macam mana nk maju ? Be strong . Ignore all the negative vibes and just focus on the positive side of things. Smile, and you'll be just find. If you think that you are good enough,then YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH ! (:

Always carry yourself around with you. Don't ever let people force you to do something you can't do.  It's okay if people dont get it, and they bully you because of things they can't squeeze out of you.  You are you, and you need to realize that. Its ok if THEY don't. Determine your strength, and improvise your flaws .

peace :)

 If somebody would ask me , what i wanna be today ? the answer is, i would like to be strong  . i want to be one with a brain.someone who has control her life, independent, and who has the ability to make her own decision, at her own will, with integrity. And I would like to have my own space and privacy . I hope people could respect that .
 Other than that, i wanna live healthy,pray to God and be nice to people .

  But,that's life. I can't expect everyone to understand what I go through on a day to day basis. I choose not to complain and just suck it up. So I apologize if I did anything wrong. I'm only human. :)

peace . peace :)

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