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i'm just a very simple person, name ma ayah beri, nur shuhada bt khairul anuar ! yg bermaksud cahaya para org yg mati syahid, :) alhamdulillah, so, i'm trying till now to be the best for my family,agama n negara ! haha ! bersemangat gilaa... :), btw, saya dengan bnganya mengatakan TAK NAK ! pada mereka yg 1) talk nonsense, 2) gilaaa,,3) pencurikkk,4)kaki menipu,5)kaki pempuan,6)hipokrit dan kesemua yg sama waktu dgnnya ! , so, ilove to being in myself ! last but not least, adiossaa !! :)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

freaking missed him !

Awww ! yaaa.. yaaaa.. ok agak kejiwangans disini ! :) pettw . ! argh Who cares? this is my blog , so i can write anything i loikeee :D

 19th may 2011 :
Okey, yesterday i was hang out or in the real means is having a date with My Lolly, :) 
 yayayaa.. :) we're goin to spend our time together :D
Actually i would like to spend my time or exactly * membuang masa bersama my lolly * .
 I loikeee to do this kind of activity with him,  just like watching movies, eat, and eat, and eat ! ;D ,
 and went for the shop, yaa.. all kind of shop ,  belek belek, if ade yg bekenan terus rembat  ! HAHA . :P
sian my lolly , die ikut je wherever i wanna go, :) hehe, Auwwww ! Thanks honey .
okey, at night before that, he was telling me that , okey sayangs lw ader rezeki kite kuar ecok k, :) so, i was.. okey honey,:)   

Then the morning,, i jadi agak mereng, i texts him, ..... in pantun : hehee,.,  then he replied also in  the pantun, then kteorng balas2 pantun. HAHA, sounds funny, but so sweet . :)(; sengeh sengeh bace pantun die, 
after that, bla bla and bla.. he said that he will pick up me after zohor . i siap siap, not kind of bagai2 punye siap la.. i just wearing jeans and t-shirt and long brown pashmina and sneakers. 
So, he pick up me on my house at 1.45 p.m something.. almost 2 la.. , so were decide to go j.j.
Actually, at first we're talking about just having a walk on the garden,  i mean ya, spend time together it was not just you must go to the shopping mall kan? depends on people la, if they more feels comfortable to just having a walk in the shopping mall, then okey lah, :) eh eh ! rasenye da mcm melalut lain da ni, enogh enogh ! :)

So i cakap kt my lolly, can we watch movies first ? then, after that baru kite jalan2 taman ? 
i nk tengok NUR KASIH THE MOVIES ! yaa.. the super new movies . :) hehee.. but my lolly nk tgk PIRATES OF CARRIBIAN * betul ke ejaan ni? hehe* . Gaduh mnje jap, the hehe.. i won !
movie pilihan untuk ditonton kali ini ialah NUR KASIH THE MOVIES ! yeahhh !! ;D

boley la, even ade slot slot yg x brape nk mengerti .. HAHA. :)
Then jalan jalan.. cari pasal ! OMJAY ! time kteorng kuar nih, j.j bapak giler ramai orang !! mule2 agak weird lah, asal la ramai glee org harini sedangkan time tu almost 3 p.m then hari tu is Thursday !
rupe rupenye , ade jusco card hari tu, padan la ramai giler bapak org ... haihh runsing jalan ramai2 org..serabut kepale,:)   

memandangkan ade SALE super gilaaa ni, so yeah i buying a shirt for my sista ! yaaaa.. the sweet pink shirt.. , . the sale memang gilee laa.. super duper punye.. low price and i can buying 2 dengan harga satu ! auchh .. kalau ikut nafsu yg membuak2 untuk menyopping lagi, memang sampai malam x habis. After i grab the shirt, bayar, then trus blah ! :)

jalan jalan sampai penat, then balik.  

 I cannot adding the picture of us, tsskk T_T .. my USB rosak !

20th May 2011 :
This morning, i mean 20 may 2011, :) my lolly and I were having a breakfast together , yaaa.. because He will goin to a vacation to Negeri sembilan . And now dah selamat sampai kt sane. :)

That's why I'm freaking missed him sososo much ! !   

huh. i couldn't sleep, ;/  

i miss you bushuk !

Peace peace peace  

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