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i'm just a very simple person, name ma ayah beri, nur shuhada bt khairul anuar ! yg bermaksud cahaya para org yg mati syahid, :) alhamdulillah, so, i'm trying till now to be the best for my family,agama n negara ! haha ! bersemangat gilaa... :), btw, saya dengan bnganya mengatakan TAK NAK ! pada mereka yg 1) talk nonsense, 2) gilaaa,,3) pencurikkk,4)kaki menipu,5)kaki pempuan,6)hipokrit dan kesemua yg sama waktu dgnnya ! , so, ilove to being in myself ! last but not least, adiossaa !! :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Alhamdulillah I'M ALIVEEEE

~ Okey okey, yes yes , it was my Birthday and yes, yesss i did NOT celebrate in this time ~

why ? why ?

haha ~ simple as my name, no need lah :)

okey, okey actually x sangatt, just i am so far far away fromm my family, so, i don't need that celebrating :D
just doing all everything as usual, wake up ~ then ready for classes,
 thanks so muchh to all my classmate wishing birthday for me,like sing a song hepy besday right ? haha :) u guys so sweet !

okey wrong wrong, thanks triple hyper muchh to my roomates,akak,dayah,a'a and all my jiran2 sebab surprising me with the bedak bedak yang penuh all over my head kan =) , anyway, thanks all, i appreciate that so muchh ! make me hyper of laughh.. haha ~
 will always be memorable in the rest of my life .

i am truly thankful from all the wishes,who've called and texted  from my family, especially my mom, my dad, my sisters and my bro ! yeahh ! younger bro, my beloved shake and crazy friend ! myra,atyq,lynn,cuna,shabirah,ana,fisha,nad,asif,palie,izzat,ali and all my friend, also the wishes from my friend at facebook ! and also from my lolly~ =) you made me feel special ! you guyss are superb ! bom bom poww
 i love you guys =D

 oh yaa,. 22 march was my birthday, and one day after that is 23 of march ! yeahh ! my lolly ~ birthday :)(:
yeahh we've good in this  ! REALLY ! I swear doe, like all the thing's we have just like same or like  like same la ~ haha :) right honey ? " if you read this, i just wanna say i love you ! =D" 

so, it is a great and awesome DAY for me at all , i had laugh much and make me so special ~ thanks mom lahirkan nur shuhada khairul anuar, i love you, u are the best ever mommy in this world u noe, u should noe that mommy ~;D,
last but not least, Thanks Allah, for allowing me to live on =)

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