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i'm just a very simple person, name ma ayah beri, nur shuhada bt khairul anuar ! yg bermaksud cahaya para org yg mati syahid, :) alhamdulillah, so, i'm trying till now to be the best for my family,agama n negara ! haha ! bersemangat gilaa... :), btw, saya dengan bnganya mengatakan TAK NAK ! pada mereka yg 1) talk nonsense, 2) gilaaa,,3) pencurikkk,4)kaki menipu,5)kaki pempuan,6)hipokrit dan kesemua yg sama waktu dgnnya ! , so, ilove to being in myself ! last but not least, adiossaa !! :)

Friday, 29 April 2011

How I wear my shawl >?

~ hyeoooo... huuu,, lame x mepek dlm blog, yaaa.. lately ni agak busy dengan study, final,, and all such of things,

 so, today, i just want to share something  yang x special n penting sngat about the how do i wear my hijab? or my shawl ? okey fine,,, first of all, i started to wear a shawl ,when iam 17 kot ~! yeahh,, rasenye la... so, what inspired me to wear a shawl ? actually x bape ingat sangat,

what i've remember is i wear it at the first of aidil fitri, yaaa hari raya laaa.. :D

first pakai , susah jugak, coz i x tengok pun tutorial yg macm sekarang belambak2 kt youtube, kan ?

so, i wear it with the simple step , just secure it with pin, n lilit2 on my head , SENANG !~ hehe :P

on my first trial yaaa..nampak mcm messy giler,, and howw.. i'm like kinda miserable girl ! HAHAA ~

but keep on trial and trial on the different step and style , so now i know , i mean not so exactly lah on how to wear a shawl or pashamina , huu,,

So, i feel like comfortable, not so messy and i think that's not to over ~ HAHA ~ but, ikut orang jugak la, not everybody like the same style as me, ade je yg pakai like sooo,,, wowwwww ~!!` nk pegi kelas ke nk pegi dinner ?? tapi as long as die rase selesa, okey je ..

 but, after i started to wear a shawl or pashmina, i still wear tudung yg tige segi tu, yaaa,, :)(: 

 but, bile kite tnye pendapat boys, mostly x suke their gurl wear a shawl ? why ? why ?
umm, i'm not sure about this, maybe diorang lebih suke their gurl just wear a tudung like usually,

 but, but, : ade jugak boyss yang suke pulak gurls pakai shawl and pashmina ala ala maria elena and hana tajima <3 sampai ade yg tlong belikan tuk gurl dorang pun ade, mybe in their sight gurl yg wear a shawl ala ala H.T and M.E lebih styloo and beautifull,, umm,, don't know lahh, :)(:

as long as dorang hepy sudah, okey about my lolly, die oke  je,, xde la sampai melarang i wear the style2 shawl, but i think die prefer lebih i wear the tudung as usual, maybe he looks me better when i wear it, :)(: but i dont care sangat la kan,i mean i love being myself,  and as long we love each others, he and me need to tolerate and understanding each other, like i'm not gonna make he as i want, i just let him be what he are, coz he are amazing, just the way he are, ;D  

       just simple step in wearing my shawl to class :)

 go to shopping simple cmni pon boley ! :)
 haah ~no edited pic :)(: 

  i just be what i wanna be, :)(: the truth me ;D  

be yourself and not others coz that's make you more gorgeous :) believe me

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